Welcome to this delicious section where you could know more about the tradition and history of Mr. Shmokey.

Tulum – Pastrami Sandwich

In this occasion we will tell you how the restaurant's succulent Pastrami Sandwich was created. There are few words that simply by listening to them are capable of transporting you to a different time and space. For Mr. Shmokey, hearing the word "Pastrami" takes him...

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Smoked Brisket in Tulum

Smoked brisket in Tulum. The acclaimed and famous Brisket consists of the union of 2 muscles of beef cattle that when reaching the correct temperature and doing a specific cooking process, the fat in the meat explodes. This makes the fibers break which makes the...

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Sloppy Joe – A unique burger

Sloppy Joe is a hamburger served at Mr. Shmokey from Shredded sirloin beef cooked in Mr. Shmokey’s special BBQ recipe (spicy or regular), topped with american cheese, grilled onion and special mayo. The idea of opening this restaurant came after a very close friend of...

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